What is UK Savings Week?

18-24 September 2023 is the second UK Savings Week - a time to get to grips with your savings habits.

Learn how to save money and ways to manage your finances, so you’re in a more comfortable position.
UK Savings Week

Chris Irwin, Director of Savings on UK Savings Week


Our winners!

We’re pleased to announce the winners from the UK Savings Week 2023 prize draw.

  • Ms Walker from Cheshire
  • Ms Waddington from West Yorkshire
  • Mr Bungay from Mid Glamorgan
  • Miss Roberts from Anglesey
  • Mr Blakemore from Berkshire
  • Mr Hancock from Bristol

Significant Terms and Conditions

1. The promoter of this prize draw is Yorkshire Building Society (“YBS”), Yorkshire House, Yorkshire Drive, Bradford BD5 8LJ.
2. To enter, you must submit a fully completed savings tip prize draw entry form between 9am on 4 September 2023 and 5pm on 30 September 2023. Tips must relate to ideas on savings, costs, or money.
3. Entry to the prize draw is free and is available via our website (www.ybs.co.uk), in any YBS agency/branch or over the telephone (0345 1200 200).
4. Entrants must be 18 or over and live in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. YBS employees, agency personnel or contractors are not eligible to enter the prize draw.
5. Entrants must have an open account (Savings or Mortgage) with YBS, Chelsea Building Society, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society or YBS Share Plans to be eligible for the prize draw. This account must be open on the date of entry and hold at least the minimum operating balance as outlined in the product terms and conditions on the date the prize draw is drawn.
6. Prizes are non-transferable and no alternative prizes are available.
7. One prize draw entry is allowed per person.

Savings tools

Savings goal calculator

House deposit, wedding or trip of a lifetime?

Whatever you’re saving for, find out how much you’ll need to put away – and how often.

Personal budget calculator

The first step of the saving journey is to make a budget.

Use our calculator to create a budget that you can stick to. 

Browse our savings accounts

If you want to start saving – or try a new account – have a look at our savings accounts.

Getting started with saving

Woman looking at laptop in kitchen

What is an emergency fund?

An emergency fund could help you to avoid borrowing money. 

Find out how much you could save here.

Smiling woman clothes shopping

How to start saving money

Want to save but not sure where to start?

Explore our guide to taking the first step of your savings journey.

Father and son looking at tablet

Getting into the savings habit

Saving starts with good habits.

Learn how to get used to putting money away each month.

take the savings challenge

Challenges can make saving more fun. Find interesting ways to prepare for the future with our eight saving challenges.
money minds website

Yorkshire Building Society Money Minds for UK Savings Week

Financial Education for every generation

Money Minds is an education programme for all ages, with lessons about managing money and employment.

Discover games, lesson plans and resources to learn about money. 

savings Guides

Woman writing and laying on bed

What type of saver are you?

Knowing how you feel about money can help you to save better.

Take our simple quiz to find out what kind of saver you are.

Making cookies in bowl

How much of my salary should I save?

How much of your salary you can save will depend on lots of factors.

Learn more about a simple ratio to help sort out your savings.

Man giving a bag to customer

Saving a lump sum

A bonus, inheritance or selling your home – there are plenty of times you may have more money than usual.

Find out how you could save a lump sum.