Mortgage customers

Payment holidays for borrowers who cannot make their mortgage payments due to coronavirus.

If customers are worried about meeting their mortgage payments, we can offer a variety of solutions to them, including payment holidays.

We need to make sure the solution we offer is right for them, so if they are having difficulties and are concerned about their next payment, we would ask that they visit our website  to find out the latest information and access our contact details.

The option of a payment holiday for up to three months is available for customers who are experiencing issues with their finances, as either a direct or indirect result of coronavirus.

Customers can now request a payment holiday online here. They don’t need to provide any documentation and will just need to self-certify that their income has been either directly or indirectly impacted by coronavirus.

Due to extremely high call volumes we ask that only customers that are worried about meeting their next mortgage payment should call.

How does a payment holiday work?

Customers will still owe the money where a payment holiday has been granted and interest will still accrue, so if you are able to make part of your normal mortgage payment to reduce the money you owe or your interest charges then you should consider doing so.

At the end of the payment holiday we will contact customers to assess their circumstances and agree a manageable way for them to repay the interest charges incurred and make up the deferred payments.

Do they need to provide evidence?

Customers don’t need to provide any documentation; they will just need to self-certify that their income has been either directly or indirectly impacted by coronavirus.

Will this impact their credit score?

The unpaid interest from the payment holiday will still be recovered later, but individual credit ratings will not be affected.

Savings customers

We understand this is a difficult time and customers may need access to their savings unexpectedly. We’ll do everything we can to help customers adversely financially affected by coronavirus, including waiving restrictions on fixed rate accounts along with any loss of interest or fees incurred.

We’d encourage any customer who needs support or has any questions to visit our website for updates and the latest information.

All information correct at time of publication.