Yorkshire Building Society has this week (11 August) launched a new savings app for its customers. 

It has been released for download from Apple's App Store and on Google Play and uses a one-time registration to provide a secure and easier way for customers to manage their savings accounts with the Society.

Savings app launched


The app has been developed with extensive testing, input and feedback from customers and users will be able to undertake several functions within the app. Such as making secure and simple payments using their choice of biometric or passcode security, viewing all their savings accounts in one place, making one-off transactions to new and existing payees and seeing their account transaction history.

More than 15,000 of the Society’s customers have already pre-registered for the app and it will receive regular updates adding new features over the coming weeks, months and years based on user feedback.

Mark Brayton, Director of Marketing and Digital Channels at Yorkshire Building Society, said:

The launch of our savings app is the first step on our ambitious digital transformation journey that we will be undergoing over the next couple of years. We aim to continue to provide real help to our customers and members whilst remaining a sustainable organisation fit for the 21st century.

Helping people to save and to build up financial resilience is a key part of our purpose at Yorkshire Building Society. This year’s Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted two important ways in which our app will help our customers.

The first is all about offering customers a choice of access. Digital adoption has understandably sped up as a quick and easy alternative to face to face contact, especially during lockdown when our world changed almost overnight. Following extensive customer testing of our app over the last few months, we feel very confident that it will be an excellent new channel for  our savers to use whilst also staying safe. The fact that more than 15,000 of our customers have already pre-registered for the app is further early evidence for its demand.

And secondly, as 2020 has clearly shown us, anyone can find themselves in sudden financial difficulties and end up needing to rely more on their savings. So making saving easier for our customers, via our app, supports our ambition of helping our members to become more financially resilient.

For further information on the new savings app please visit https://www.ybs.co.uk/savings-app

All information correct at time of publication.