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We’re joining forces with Age UK to help them to make this Christmas a little brighter for lonely older people.

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While many of us look forward to our first Christmas all together in two years, almost 1.5 million older people often feel lonelier at Christmas than any other time of year. A far cry from their happy memories of Christmas past spent with family and friends.

There are plenty of simple and very practical things we can all do to help older people feel included and supported over the festive season, such as:

  1. Sharing time together: Check in regularly with your older relatives, friends and neighbours to see how they’re feeling, and find out if there’s anything they need. Invite them round for a coffee or lunch or if you’re unable to visit in person there’s still plenty you can do to show you care – a phone or video call, making homemade cards, letters or even small gifts.
  2. Lending a hand: If you’re able to, be a good neighbour by offering simple, immediate assistance to older people nearby, such as offering to pick up shopping or run errands – ensuring you’re following all the relevant COVID guidance and advice that might be in place.
  3. Giving out these useful numbers: for practical information and advice, Age UK Advice: 0800 169 65 65. For a cheerful chat, day or night, The Silver Line Helpline: 0800 4 70 80 90.
  4. Fundraising for Age UK: Now’s a great time to get involved and raise much-needed money and support for older people. Why not speak to the team next time you’re in your local YBS to find out more on how you can get involved.

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Last year Yorkshire Building Society and Age UK joined forces to raise £1m to help improve the financial wellbeing of older people. 2.1 million older people are still living in poverty which means they have to make difficult choices every day about how to spend their limited money. That might mean deciding between switching the heating on or buying less food.

Building Better Lives

Building Better Lives will focus on providing one to one support with life events such as the loss of a partner, a care diagnosis or having to move to a new house, all of which can cause a huge amount of upheaval to an older person’s life, resulting in significant changes to their financial situation. Providing holistic advice and support around these life events will equip them to be better prepared to cope financially when these life shocks and financial challenges occur.

We hope to raise £1million

Over the two year partnership, we aim to raise £1million that will enable Age UK to directly help older people to become more financially resilient though one to one support and workshops, and vital information, which will support people through some of the most challenging times in their lives.

You can join in our fundraising efforts in branch or online throughout the year. It’s fantastic to have your support as YBS and Age UK work towards Building Better Lives.

  • £25 could offer a one-to-one support session for older people in times of crisis
  • £50 could help Age UK to deliver 2, one to one advice sessions for older people who have nowhere else to turn to.
  • £100 could help Age UK to provide long term, one to one support to an older person, helping to improve their financial resilience before they reach crisis point

Age UK

The Age UK Advice Line is a lifeline, it really is. They help everybody. No matter who they are, what they are, how much they’ve got, how much they haven’t got… none of that comes into it. When you live on your own, you tend to start thinking quite negative thoughts. You think things like “how is this going to work?”, “I wished I wasn’t here” and things like that. There’s nothing better than a friend, and to me, that’s what Age UK is, a friend. And it’s not just one friend, it’s dozens of them.

- Marie, Advice Line caller

Age UK video

Video announcing our partnership with Age UK

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