The principles and personalities behind the name you can trust

Discover what lies at the heart of one of the UK's largest and most successful building societies.

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To our members, we're more than just a name. We're one of the UK's largest and most successful building societies with over 250 branches and local agencies across the whole country. So wherever you live, we're always there for you.

Inside our Head Office

Where else would you expect to find our Head Office other than right in the heart of Yorkshire. Situated on the outskirts of Bradford, Yorkshire House is part of an impressive £32 million development. More than that, it's home to over 1,300 Yorkshire Building Society colleagues, and it looks after nearly 4,000 colleagues in the wider Group. In May 2013 we announced plans for further investment in our Yorkshire House office plus the addition of a new office site at Broad Gate, Leeds.

Inside our Group

Following a series of successful building society mergers, The Yorkshire now includes the businesses of former building societies, Chelsea Building Society and Norwich & Peterborough Building Society. If you are a customer of either of these other brands, you are also a member of the Yorkshire Building Society - with all the rights and benefits that brings. Although we each have a unique and individual personality, we work closely together.

Inside our network

With assets worth over £42 billion, we're in a position of financial strength to offer our members financial security and long term value. More than that, we've made a promise to our members to earn their trust by understanding what matters most to them:

To offer honest value
To make things easy
To take personal pride
To be genuine
Be straightforward
To go the extra mile
To support our communities

Inside our vision

Our vision is clear and simple. We aim to be the most trusted provider of financial services in the UK.

Together, we can achieve this by:

Attracting and retaining talented people who share our vision of a Society built on trust
Delivering the best customer experience built on empathy, simplicity and trust
Ensuring a sustained, risk aware financial performance that ensures real financial security for our members
Delivering products, processes and systems across our entire network that are simple to use
Supporting our local communities

Our Memorandum and Rules

Our Memorandum and Rules set out a framework for the kinds of activities the Society can undertake and how it is managed.

The Memorandum sets out the purpose and powers of the Society. The Rules contain various provisions as to how the Society is managed, including requirements relating to membership of the Society and general meetings.

Any change to the Memorandum or Rules has to be approved by members through the passing of a special resolution in a general meeting.

Our history

See how we've grown from a single room in Huddersfield into one of the largest building societies in the UK with 3.5m members.

Our management team

Meet the senior managers who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Society.

Corporate governance

Read how corporate governance helps shape the way the Board protects the interests of the Society and its members.

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