Our purpose

We’ve built our strategy around our purpose of providing Real Help with Real Life.

For us, as a building society, it means delivering three central ambitions: helping people to have a place to call home and helping them towards greater financial wellbeing, whilst creating long-term value for our members.

To enable us to achieve our ambitions, we’ve identified five priority areas to focus on over the next few years: Help, Digitalise, Unleash, Expand and Protect.

Our ambitions

Place to Call Home

We’re here to help people to have a place to call home, whether they’re homeowners choosing us for their mortgages, people renting from our buy-to-let landlords or living in housing association accommodation we’ve funded, or homeless young people who we’ve supported through our partnership with End Youth Homelessness (EYH).

Financial Wellbeing

We’re here to help people towards greater financial wellbeing, whether they’re customers choosing to build their savings pot with us directly or through our partners, or people who have benefited from financial literacy and employability support via our Money Minds and Career Minds community programmes.

Member value

We’re here to deliver long-term value to our members, by providing flexible products and competitive rates, with the efficient and friendly customer service they expect from us. As a mutual, we run our Society to benefit our members and customers, rather than shareholders.

Our priorities

  • Help people with the real financial barriers they face, through our products, services and community programmes.
  • Digitalise our business to become more agile, efficient and effective.
  • Unleash every one of our colleagues to maximise their full potential.
  • Expand our reach, physically and digitally, so we can help more people.
  • Protect our stakeholders by making sure our Society is financially and environmentally sustainable.