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When your bond ends

We'll make it easy for you to decide what to do next

If you have a Fixed Rate e-Bond that's about to end or has already ended, we'd like to say thank you for saving with us so far. Here you can find out what happens next and the different options you can choose from.

Online bond maturity - what happens next?

Our online fixed rate accounts are set up to make managing your money as easy as possible. On the day your bond matures, we will transfer your savings to another account and will allow you access to make any withdrawals, reinvest into another bond or to close your account. If you decide you would like to reinvest into another bond, you can do this through your online account, just follow the details outlined below.

How to reinvest into another Fixed Rate eBond

  1. On the day your bond matures, login to your online account.
  2. Select the account which now holds your savings and click ‘Reinvest in e-Bond’.
  3. Select the bond term and choose either monthly or annual interest options.
  4. Read the declaration and click to confirm your decision.

Things to consider when reinvesting

  • The details for the product available for reinvestment will be detailed in the email you’ll receive before your bond matures.
  • You’ll be able to make additional deposits into this bond for up to a month after maturity.
  • You should ensure you read both the product terms and general terms & conditions before making any reinvestment.
  • Reinvesting into another bond will transfer all your matured savings. If you only want to reinvest part of your savings, you will need to make a withdrawal from the account your bond has matured into before reinvesting.
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