The reinvestment process

If you have a Fixed Rate ISA or a Bond that’s soon to mature, we’ll send you an email or a letter to let you know we’ll be moving your funds into an easy-access bond or ISA. You then have a few ways you can use your savings.

Stay in your Bond or ISA

Want to keep things as they are? No problem. Keeping your funds in the bond or ISA gives you 30 days’ unlimited access to your money, before the account reverts to a Fixed Rate ISA or Bond with limited access.

Take your money

Maybe you’ve reached the saving goal you originally had in mind, or perhaps you’d like to use your money to make a cash purchase. Either way, you can close your account and take your savings at this point.

Reinvest for longer

Continue saving by reinvesting your matured savings into a new bond or ISA – or another savings account from our range. Whether you want to make a withdrawal first, or reinvest the lot – it’s entirely up to you.

Choose to do something else

We have a wide range of accounts to choose from and we regularly launch new offers so you also have the option to open a different account when your bond or ISA ends. We'd also be happy to discuss anything else you'd like to do.

Get more information

If you have any questions about your savings accounts or your interest, visit us in branch or agency or give us a call on 0345 1200 100* and we’ll be more than happy to help.