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Making payments and transfers to and from your account

Savings Accounts' Charges and Fees

Information regarding the different payment methods and their timescales can be found too in this handy pdf.

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A quick guide on making payments to and from your account

Before you make a payment or transfer money read this quick guide to the various options available to you. For more detailed information on payment limits or how long it takes before payments or transfers appear in the destination account, please see the payment information links below.

  • Faster Payments. YBS will always send your payments through Faster Payments where possible. There is no charge and you can make online payments immediately at any time. Under normal circumstances a Faster Payment should arrive at the destination account the following working day after the transfer was made. However, this is not guaranteed and on occasions the transfer may take longer.

  • Direct Debits. A way to pay regular bills where the amount can vary from time to time. The company you pay requests the money from your account.

  • Standing Orders. Used for bills that don't change over time. A standing order is an instruction to your bank to pay a fixed amount of money to an individual or a company at regular intervals for a specific period or until the instruction is cancelled. Standing orders only leave your account on working days.

  • CHAPS. This stands for Clearing House Automated Payment System. It's an automated payment system used to make high value payments on the same day, provided the payment instruction is received before 3pm. Solicitors will use a CHAPS payment to transfer the purchase funds of a house between the buyer and seller. There is a charge for this service.

  • Cash/cheque withdrawals. Cheque withdrawals can be processed for any amount in branch, subject to the account terms and conditions and the available balance. For cash withdrawal limits, and cheque withdrawal limits in Agencies, see the More Information section below on Cheque/cash withdrawals.

  • Paying or sending money from abroad

    YBS no longer offers a Foreign Money Transfer service for sending money abroad or for paying money into your account from abroad.

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