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If you're happy with your existing YBS mortgage then talk to us about taking it with you when you go, keep your current rate and avoid early repayment charges.

Moving with your mortgage

We’ll help you move your mortgage deal to your new home

Buying a new home with us

We love having you as a member and things don't have to change just because you're taking that exciting next step and moving to a new place. When you pack up for your new address, you can move your current interest rate deal as well.

Before you start looking at options you should know that you will need to pay off your existing mortgage as part of transferring your current deal to a new property. Depending on the terms of your current deal, you may need to pay Early Repayment Charges – if this applies, some or all of the charges can be refunded when your new mortgage completes.

What would you like to do?

I'd like to borrow some more

You can apply to top up the difference between your existing mortgage and your new loan with one of our current mortgage products.

Bear in mind this is also subject to our current lending criteria and your current circumstances will determine how much you can borrow in addition to your current loan.

I need to borrow a bit less

If you are downsizing and decide to borrow less, we can refund part of any Early Repayment Charges you may have paid on a pro-rata basis.

e.g. if the portable amount of your existing mortgage is £50,000 and you only want to borrow £40,000, we'll refund you 80% of the Early Repayment Charges.

I need to end a joint mortgage

If you have a joint mortgage with someone and you're now going your separate ways; once you've paid off your existing mortgage you'll each be entitled to 50% of any refund of Early Repayment Charges paid, provided that you take out a new mortgage with us within 6 months.

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How does it work?

Check your original mortgage offer (or your most recent offer if you have already switched mortgages with us) for details on your eligibility to transfer your mortgage deal.


Work out what you need to do from the options above.


Make sure you have read our lending criteria before contacting us about applying.


When you are ready to apply, you need to get in touch with us to proceed. Either request an appointment to speak to someone in branch or call us:


0345 166 9243*

8am – 8pm: Mon to Fri

9am – 1pm: Sat


'Porting' your mortgage deal

  • As part of transferring (or ‘porting’) your mortgage deal to a new property, you can borrow the same amount or less but this must be on the same terms as your current mortgage deal.
  • You and your property will need to satisfy the current lending criteria.
  • You'll also need to complete on your new mortgage within six months of paying off your existing mortgage, pay any relevant fees (eg. valuation fees) and move to a property in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.


Fees & charges when moving home

The Early Repayment Charge

Depending on the terms of your existing mortgage deal, you may need to pay an Early Repayment Charge when moving your mortgage deal to a new property. However we will refund some or all of this charge when the new mortgage completes.

If you are downsizing and need to reduce your mortgage, you would be refunded the charge on a 'pro-rata' basis which depends on the amount being borrowed and the amount being ported to the new property. If you are separating and ending a joint mortgage, each applicant will be entitled to a 50% refund of any Early Repayment Charges paid, provided that you take out a new mortgage with us within 6 months.

Valuation fees

If you are transferring your existing mortgage deal to a new property, we'll need to carry out a valuation on this property, as we would for a new mortgage. 

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Need some help?

Visit us

You can visit us in branch to speak to a mortgage adviser.

Call us

Speak to one of our friendly mortgage advisers about your options

0345 166 9243*

  • 8.00am - 8.00pm, Mon-Fri
  • 9.00am - 1.00pm, Sat