When it comes to mortgages, money matters. Our handy mortgage calculators can help you work out your monthly repayments, and discover how much you can borrow.

Borrowing calculator

Looking to climb the property ladder or remortgage? Try our quick borrowing calculator and find out how much we may be able to lend you.


Takes approximately 2 minutes to complete

Repayment calculator

How much will your monthly repayments cost? Our mortgage rate calculator can give you a quick estimate of how much you’ll owe each month.


Takes approximately 2 minutes to complete

Deposit calculator

Whether you're ready to start saving for your mortgage deposit or already on your way, our deposit calculator can help you work out how much you need to save and how long it might take.

Overpayment calculator

Want to reduce your interest payments and potentially knock years off your mortgage? Try our overpayment calculator to see how much you could save.


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Offset calculator

By offsetting your savings against your mortgage, you could save money in the long run. Just enter some details about your savings and mortgage requirements to discover how much you could keep in your back pocket.

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Stamp duty calculator

Use our simple calculator to work out how much you’ll owe, depending on the home you’re buying and your circumstances.


Takes approximately 1 minute to complete

Our online mortgage calculators explained

We’ve created a series of mortgage calculators so that before you even start a mortgage application with us, you’ll know how much it’s likely to cost you.

But which mortgage calculator should you use? If you want to find out how much you might be able to borrow for buying a new home or remortgaging, that’s where our borrowing calculator can help. Maybe you’re wondering how much the monthly repayments might be and how much you would be able to afford for a mortgage. If so, we have a mortgage repayment calculator just for that. Our repayment calculator can provide you with an estimate of your monthly repayments, based on the size of mortgage you need.

What next?

Once you’ve tried the mortgage calculator, assessed your borrowing amount and had a look at what you can afford, you’re ready to get a Decision in Principle. We’ll just need to take a few details from you – then we’ll be able to tell you whether or not we can lend to you and if so, how much. You can obtain a Decision in Principle online in just 10 minutes and it’s absolutely free to apply.

If you’re interested in jumping straight to our current mortgage deals, you can start by using our mortgage finder tool

 Mortgage Illustration

Our online tool will generate a mortgage illustration for you. This provides you with a comprehensive summary of any product available to you, including the monthly repayment amount and any fees which you must pay.

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