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As life unfolds and memories are made, Yorkshire Building Society are here to support you

Guidance and support to help you through life

For over 150 years we’ve been helping people find a home, save for the future and plan for those special moments in life. Today, millions of our members trust us to provide real help in managing their finances.

To make things a bit easier and provide some guidance for our members, we’ve produced a series of guides to help you manage your way around your finances. You can use our Homebuyers guides to find out more about mortgages and the best way forward when buying a home. Or, if you already have a home, read our Homeowners section for practical advice on increasing your property's value, keeping on top of home improvements and how to protect the things that matter to you.

For savers and investors, we’ve got a number of My Money guides to help with making your money work for you and our Life Moments articles for advice on saving for those important moments and some of the smaller ones too!

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Plan ahead for summer

It’s never too late to start saving for a summer holiday. Beat those winter blues and start saving for something to look forward to in the summer.

Portability (Move Home with your Mortgage)

The word portability in the dictionary is defined as ‘to be easily carried or moved’. When referring to your mortgage (and often also called ‘porting’), it is simply where you are able to take your mortgage product/rate with you when you move home.

Home security this winter

What are your home security habits?
The best way to reduce your risk of being burgled is to follow some simple security guidelines.

Student Insurance

You might be tempted to overlook getting insurance; after all, you have so many other expenses to think about at the beginning of term. Is it worth it?

What do potential first time buyers think?

Our 2017 first time buyers report aims to update and further the understanding, of potential first-time buyers (i.e non-homeowners who have never owned a property), of the perceptions, aspirations and expectations surrounding home ownership amongst young adults living in the UK.

UK Home Affordability

Our new affordability map shows some major differences in housing affordability across Britain since the start of the economic downturn.

Our mortgage application tips

We all know that buying yourself a home will probably be the biggest purchase you will ever make. Just like any big decision, it pays to put some preparation in before making your first move.

Time to think about remortgaging

If your current deal is coming to an end soon, perhaps it’s time to think about remortgaging.

Later life planning

Thinking about what may happen in the event of your own death isn’t a topic most of us like to dwell on.

Adding value to your home

When it comes to our home we all want to add value, especially if we’re thinking about putting it up for sale

Our top tips for saving money on holiday

Is a holiday high on your agenda at the moment? Can’t get those sunny beaches or bright city lights off your mind? If you’re thinking of booking a getaway but have a modest budget to...

Paying off a mortgage with savings

If you’re paying off a mortgage each month but have some savings earning a low rate of interest, you might think that using this money to pay off your mortgage sooner is the right thing to do.

Making an offer

So you’ve found a property you’d like to buy, hooray! Now comes the potentially tricky part – making an offer and getting it accepted.

Budgeting made simple

If you’re struggling to save any money at the moment and you could use a little budgeting advice then you’re definitely not alone.

Home maintenance tips

It’s unlikely that home maintenance is top of your priority list of must do things this weekend. But along with the daily...

Top 10 unexpected wedding costs

Planning for your big day? You've probably started thinking about how much you'll need to save, but weddings are notoriously...

10 ways to help keep your home safe while you're away

There’s no place like home – and home insurance is there to help keep the things you love safe. But who doesn’t love a getaway?

Understanding interest rates

When you’ve made the decision that you’d like to buy a new home, one of the trickiest aspects of the process to understand is interest rates and how these affect how much you have to pay for a mortgage.

Our guide to your first mortgage

Buying your first home is often the biggest financial commitment you make and can also be the most difficult.

Alternate investment ideas

If you’re considering investments as an alternative to a savings account, then you may not think your options extend beyond the traditional stocks, bonds and cash.