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Life Moments

Life Moments

There are key moments in life which affect our finances and financial stability. From planning a wedding and saving or your children's education to what happens to your mortgages after divorce or planning for retirement, our Life Moments guides will give you our perspective on those key financial moments.


Later life planning

Thinking about what may happen in the event of your own death isn’t a topic most of us like to dwell on.

Our top tips for saving money on holiday

Is a holiday high on your agenda at the moment? Can’t get those sunny beaches or bright city lights off your mind? If you’re thinking of booking a getaway but have a modest budget to...

Top 10 unexpected wedding costs

Planning for your big day? You've probably started thinking about how much you'll need to save, but weddings are notoriously...

Student Insurance

You might be tempted to overlook getting insurance; after all, you have so many other expenses to think about at the beginning of term. Is it worth it?