Top 10 unexpected wedding costs

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Planning for your big day? You’ve probably started thinking about your wedding budget and how much you’ll need to save, but weddings are notoriously difficult to budget for because there can be many hidden costs. To help avoid any nasty surprises, we’re here to help out with some wedding costs you might have missed from your budget:


Not only do you need to think about the cost of getting married or how you plan on making an entrance on the big day, but transport to and from venues and wedding fairs when you’re checking out your options can also get pricey! Plan in advance by heading to multiple venues in one day.



You’ve set aside budget for those dreamy save-the-dates, invitations & thank you cards, but remember you’ll need stamps too. Depending on your number of guests, the cost to post these can easily stack up! Consider switching to 2nd class stamps and hand-delivering to guests who live nearby to add that personal touch.


Treating your bridesmaids

Whether it’s a piece of jewellery or taking them out to brunch – more and more brides are asking their nearest and dearest to be bridesmaids in more creative (and expensive!) ways. Try not to blow your budget early on and consider cheaper options – maybe some homemade goodies or treating them to a dinner party at your place?


Legal fees

It’s one of the biggest days of your life, so it’s easy to get carried away with splashing cash on all of the exciting things. But there are less fun costs to consider too - your marriage is a contract, so Legal fees will be incurred. Check with your local council early on to factor them in to your budget.



Your wedding dress and suit are likely to be some of the biggest costs on your wedding day, so of course you want the perfect fit! Don’t forget that alterations are likely and may mean extra costs. Check with your dressmaker or tailor how much alterations will cost before making the purchase, or consider going for custom-made (you might just save money by avoiding alterations!).


Pre-wedding accommodation

If you and the wedding party plan on getting ready in a hotel room before the wedding – pay attention to check-in/check-out times. Depending when the wedding gets started, you might need to book the room for not just the wedding night, but the night before too in order to have time in the room in the morning.



Of course it’s nice to gift your nearest and dearest on your wedding day, especially if they’ve played a part in pulling the event together. But favours can make a sizeable dent in your budget if you’re not careful. Consider cutting costs by going for a DIY option, favours per couple rather than per person or skipping them all together – they’re not required and most guests won’t even notice!



Check overtime costs with your photographer – if the wedding starts a little later than expected, or the party goes on until the early hours, your photographer may request an additional payment. Remember to also think about the costs of printing and framing photos after the big day.


Clean-up & tipping

So much time is spent planning the actual day itself that it’s easy to forget to budget for what happens when it’s all over. Check clean-up costs with the venue to avoid a surprise post-wedding bill. Make sure you also check whether the prices you’re paying include gratuities, and read the small print before you agree to anything! Set aside some budget if you plan on tipping extra.


The back-up plans

From forgotten items to last minute emergencies – unfortunately it isn’t always plain sailing on your wedding day, and little hiccups can mean extra costs. Keep some budget aside to prepare for the unexpected – if it’s not needed you’ll be left with some extra spending money for the honeymoon!

These are just some of the costs to keep in mind to make you a budget-savvy wedding planner.

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