Home maintenance checklist

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Keeping your home in top condition can be done all year round. Use our handy checklist, ordered by season, to help you keep on top of all those pesky household jobs.

Spring home maintenance

If your roof has been damaged during winter, pay to replace any missing or cracked tiles.
Check your loft for any signs that water (or pests!) got in over winter and ensure that your insulation is topped up to 270mm for optimum energy efficiency.
Remove any leaves or debris (like moss) that may have fallen into your gutters over the winter to avoid overflow.
Clean windows inside and out and check window frames for any damage or rot. 
Check for gaps and cracks in windows and doors. If you find them, be sure to seal them up.
Inspect your plumbing. Look for any leaks and make sure that your drainage is in working order.

Summer home maintenance

Clean your garden furniture and any patios or decking.
Check the exterior of your home and touch up any peeling or chipped paint.
Trim and remove overgrown trees and bushes.
Clean and clear debris from outdoor drains to prevent water build-up. 
Check and clean outdoor lighting, replace any bulbs that have burnt out.
If you have air conditioning units, be sure to change and clean the air filters and condenser coils.

Autumn home maintenance

Bleed your radiators. This can make them work better and may help you save money on household bills.
Insulate external taps and pipes to avoid them freezing during the colder months.
Clean and store away garden furniture that you won’t be using.
If you have a fireplace, have the chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional to make sure that it is safe to use as it gets colder.
Seal any gaps or cracks you may have to prevent heat loss.

Winter home maintenance

Open windows (if it’s not too chilly!) or use dehumidifiers to avoid your home getting damp.
Wipe any condensation off wooden window frames to avoid rot which could be costly to replace.
Clean and replace the filters of any extractor fans. This can keep them in working order and avoid damp.
Check your outdoor areas after any stormy weather, for example decking or a fallen tree. Make repairs if the weather allows to avoid more damage. 
Check your pipes for leaks. Pipes can freeze and then burst as they thaw which can cause damage and be expensive to repair.
If you have any large outdoor garden items, be sure to fasten them down in case of strong winds.
Prepare an emergency kit with a torch, batteries, candles and batteries in case of a power cut.

All year-round home maintenance

Check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors on a regular basis. Replace the batteries every 6 months.
Check your boiler pressure.
Remove fluff from your tumble dryer – excessive build-up could cause a fire.