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Using my home to fund retirement

Understand how you could use your property as part of your retirement plan.

Using my home to fund retirement

These articles are perfect for you if you are thinking about your retirement plan or even have a plan already and want to understand how you could use your property as part of it. We’ve researched lots of information and removed the jargon, to present you with balanced facts to help you understand the options available.

Our simple guides help you weigh up everything from potential mortgage options through to downsizing and equity release. So if you feel that your home could be part of your retirement plan, take a step closer to understanding how and have a look.


At Yorkshire Building Society we created Our Money Movement because we could see how most of the information for people approaching retirement was overly complex and full of jargon and hidden charges. Our aim is simple. To provide plain, straight talking guidance to help you make informed decisions about your financial future.