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Meet the members of our Board responsible for everything from making key decisions on strategy to safeguarding the financial interests of our members.

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The role of our Board

The main role of our Board is to focus on the Society's strategy and ensure that all the resources are in place for us to meet our goals and objectives. This includes making sure that the financial controls and risk management systems are robust to protect both the Society and its members.

The Group is headed by the Board which is accountable to the members of the Society and whose principal role is to:

  • Be collectively responsible for the success, including the long term success, of the Group and for acting in the best interest of the Society and our members as a whole (both current and future). It may also consider the interests of other customers, colleagues, suppliers and the wider community.
  • Have responsibility for the overall management of the Group within a framework of risk management which supports and directs financial security, fair outcomes and a Group built on trust.
  • Establish a sustainable business model and set the strategy of the Group consistent with that model.
  • Develop the culture of the Group and set a ‘tone from the top’ to ensure that the desired values and behaviours are Board-led.
  • Have oversight of the Group’s operations ensuring that appropriate resources and systems of risk management and internal controls are in place.
  • Have responsibility for the maintenance and integrity of statutory and audited information on the Society’s website. Information published on the internet is accessible in many countries with different legal requirements. Legislation in the United Kingdom governing the preparation and dissemination of financial statements may differ from legislation in other jurisdictions.
You can find out further details in the Terms of Reference.
You can view the role profiles here of our Chairman, Senior Independent Director and Chief Executive.
The details of all our directors are below.

The work of our committees

Discover the four committees who monitor how we manage various aspects of our Society and make recommendations to the Board on how we can improve.

Corporate Governance

Read how corporate governance helps shape the way the Board protects the interests of the Society and its members.

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