Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for helping the Board fulfil its oversight responsibilities; specifically the ongoing review, monitoring and assessment of:

  • The integrity of the financial statements, any formal announcements relating to financial performance and reviewing significant financial reporting judgments contained in them
  • The systems of internal control
  • The internal and external audit processes
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations in relation to the preparation of financial statements and reporting
  • The Society's ethical and business standards
  • The appointment, reappointment and removal of external auditors

Current members:

  • Guy Bainbridge - Non-executive Director (Committee Chair)
  • Angela Darlington - Non-executive Director 
  • Mark Parsons - Non-executive Director
View the Internal Audit Charter for the Group Internal Audit function which is approved by the Audit Committee
View the Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee

Board Governance & Nominations Committee

The Board Governance & Nominations Committee is responsible for reviewing the composition of the Board and nominating candidates for the position of director. They take into account the balance of existing skills, knowledge and experience on the Board and make appropriate recommendations for future additions.

Current members:

  • John Heaps - Chair
  • Alison Hutchinson - Non-executive Director
  • Guy Bainbridge - Non-executive Director
View the Terms of Reference for the Board Governance & Nominations Committee
View the Board Governance and Nominations Committee Report as contained in the Board Governance and Nominations Committee Report, 2023
If you'd like more information, the Board has published a detailed Corporate Governance Report, 2023

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for considering and approving the remuneration of executive directors and other senior managers.

The overall policy on executive directors' remuneration is:

  • It should be competitive with other comparable organisations in the financial sector
  • It should attract and retain high calibre individuals with the relevant experience
  • It should be based (in part) on the Society's financial and service performance (including customer satisfaction) and individual performance to motivate and reward successful business and personal performance

Current members:

  • Debra Davies - Non-executive Director (Committee Chair)
  • Alison Hutchinson - Non-executive Director
  • Dina Matta – Non-executive Director
  • Jennelle Tilling – Non-executive Director
View the Terms of Reference for the Remuneration Committee
View the Directors Remuneration Report as contained in the Directors Remuneration Report, 2023
View the Remuneration Policy 
View the 2022 Gender Pay Report 

Group Risk Committee

The Group Risk Committee is responsible for bringing together all risk information and reporting to the Board. They have specific responsibility for the oversight of capital resources, operational risks and monitoring and reporting on more general risk issues.

Current members:

  • Angela Darlington - Non-executive Director (Committee Chair)
  • Alison Hutchinson - Non-executive Director
  • Guy Bainbridge - Non-executive Director
  • Mark Parsons - Non-executive Director
  • Debra Davies - Non-Executive Director
View the Terms of Reference for the Group Risk Committee

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