Discover the benefits of being a YBS Member

As a building society we’re run differently from a bank. We don’t have shareholders to satisfy - we're here for the benefit of our Members.
The money we earn is given back to you in interest rates or is re-invested to build a stronger society for the future. Find out more about why being a Member of YBS matters.

Help with the Cost of Living

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Erik and Pattie

Safety-net saver and his feline friend

“The way that the YBS ISA is drawn up is particularly handy for me and for how I live and how I need to access my savings.

It’s hugely reassuring to know that I have the funds available in an emergency. To access things like patties medical needs for the toys and originally – to be able to adopt.”
Erik knows the importance of having a savings safety-net. He accessed his ISA instantly to help him to adopt his feline friend, Pattie.

He loves the service he gets from our branches and recommends us to his friends and family.

Open a savings account

Want to become a Member? Browse our range of savings accounts, including Cash ISAs, Fixed Rate Bonds and Easy Access Savings Accounts.

Eligibility criteria applies.

What our Members have to say

Meena, Chaya and Arjun

Super-proud mum and sibling savers.
“Trying to support the kids while they were going through their university years was hard.

I had two that were going through the same thing.”
Meena saved for her twins, Chaya and Arjun, helping them to afford university.

Now graduated, her twins can start their careers with the money tips she’s passed down.


Savvy saver and loyal Member.
“We’ve got three children, we’ve passed on habits from my mother and father from taking out building society accounts for them – exactly the same as my mother and father did.”

Lifelong saver John has been a YBS Member since 1959.

He first started saving from collecting and returning glass bottles, and inherited good savings habits, which he’s passed on in turn to his own children.

Benefits for our Savers

Passing back interest

Your Yorkshire Building Society savings help other Yorkshire Building Society Members to buy their homes.

We take the interest borrowers pay and give some of that back to you.

We’ll never offer “new member only” savings products

We won't offer products that are only for new Members.

So, if a product is available to a new Member, you can choose it too.

Subject to eligibility criteria.

Manage your money your way

If you want to talk to a friendly face, we have branches and agencies across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you prefer to manage your money online – or using our app – you can use those too.

Loyalty savings accounts

At certain points of the year, we offer savings products with preferential rates to our Members.
Eligibility criteria applies.

Loyalty mortgage deals

We’re rewarding our eligible savers with extra cashback on some of our mortgages. If you don’t need a mortgage right now, you can pass on this offer to your family or friends.
Eligibility criteria applies.

Benefits for homeowners

Mortgage advice over the phone

Free mortgage guidance on YBS mortgages over the phone.

Applications subject to standard lending criteria and all loans subject to status.

Mortgage perks

Many of our mortgages are available with cashback, free standard valuations and assisted legal fees.

Early repayment charges apply, and other fees and charges may apply.

Simple switching

When its time to switch your mortgage, you can do this online or over the phone.

Early repayment charges apply, and other fees and charges may apply.

Make your voice heard

Share your views through our online research community, My Voice. By hearing from our Members first-hand, we know what’s important to you.

Striving for a greener society

We’ve set ourselves a mission to achieve high environmental standards. Whether that's reducing our carbon footprint, waging a war on paper or using energy more efficiently.

We’re also involved in raising awareness of green issues through the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission.

Small change, big difference

We’re committed to making a real difference to the community.

We make it possible for you to support local charities through our Small Change Big Difference® scheme.

This directs the pence interest from your YBS savings or mortgage account to charity, up to a maximum donation of just 99p a year.

Vote at our AGM

If you’re eligible, you also get to vote at our AGM on key decisions.

This includes electing the directors that run the Society on your behalf.

Download our app

A simpler way to access your savings accounts on a smartphone or tablet – with all the security you've come to expect.

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