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Welcome to Yorkshire Building Society

Egg savings and mortgage accounts have now been transferred to Yorkshire Building Society.

Welcome to Yorkshire Building Society

We're pleased to offer you a warm welcome to the Yorkshire, one of the UK's largest and most successful building societies. With 3.5 million members, 224 branches and assets of more than £33 billion, you're in good hands.

You can continue to enjoy all the benefits you had with Egg - great service, 24 hour access to your accounts, including Money Manager, secure messaging and more. Obviously, you'll see some changes but we hope many of these will be improvements.

Unsure what to do next?

All you need to do now is register new login details to access your accounts in the Yorkshire's secure account management area. It's quick and easy.


Already Registered?

Then all you need to do is Login using the details you've registered with us.

Once you've logged in you can start viewing and managing your accounts, whether they are YBS accounts, your egg savings or mortgage, or your external accounts using Money manager

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Not yet registered?

To access your accounts online you will need to register new login details with us.

Regretfully, you cannot use your previous Egg log in information. To ensure your continued online security, your Egg login details were not passed to us.


Why set up security with us?

Once you've registered with us you'll be able to:

  • Login to manage your YBS and Egg savings and mortgage accounts
  • View your account balances, statements, direct debits, interest rates and tax statements
  • Put more money into, or take money out of, your savings accounts
  • Use Money manager to see all your online accounts in one place, whoever they're with.
  • Send and receive messages securely
  • Update your personal details
  • Apply for new accounts
  • And more!
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What's changing for Egg customers

All the online services you enjoy as an Egg customer will be available plus a few extras that you didn't have before. Here's some of the main differences you'll find when transacting online with the Yorkshire.

Logging in to your accounts

To ensure the security of your accounts, your Egg username and password will not be transferred to the Yorkshire. So, the first thing you'll need to do is register new security details. It's quick and easy. You'll need to choose a username, confirm your date of birth and select a password.

Then, when you login you'll go through 2 screens:

  • On the first you'll enter your username (you can choose to bypass this page in future by checking the 'Remeber me' box)
  • On the second you'll select your date of birth from the drop down boxes, and enter a random 3 characters from your password

Important Information

We will never ask for your full password online. If our login page appears to ask for your full password contact us immediately.

Contacting us

You can call and speak to someone on 0845 1200 805. Our opening hours are 8am to 8pm Monday - Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturdays. You can also login to your online account and send us a secure message

Please be aware you will need to register before contacting us for the first time.

Using your account

Once logged in you can view and transact on your accounts. You can also change your personal details and send us a secure message. To transact on an account, click 'Go' button. Once the account is selected you can:

  • Add to your savings using a debit card
  • Transfer your money to another account with the Yorkshire or elsewhere
  • Manage a list of transfer accounts
  • Change the name of your accounts to something easy to remember
  • Search transactions and view interest paid and tax earned
  • Register for gross interest if you are eligible or de-register if you are no longer eligible

In addition, to protect you and your savings, some transactions you carry out online use our transaction confirmation service.

Money Manager

With the Yorkshire you will still be able to manage all your accounts in one place, whoever they are with. If you previously used Money Manager with Egg, all the accounts you set up will still be in the Password Safe on your computer. So, those accounts will be available once you login.

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