Charitable foundation says thanks a million for members' contribution

Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation has said thanks a million to its members who have contributed their own money to the more than £4million donated to help charities and good causes around the UK.

The Children with Cancer Fund, Yorkshire Blood Bikes and Feed the Homeless Bristol are just some of the thousands of charities that have benefited since the first Charitable Foundation donation was made in 2001.

It is funded through the Small Change Big Difference® scheme where members donate the pennies from the interest on their mortgage or savings accounts just once a year to help smaller charities around the UK.

Fiona May, Charitable Foundation Co-Ordinator at Yorkshire Building Society, said:

The Charitable Foundation would not exist without the support of our members who, on average, donate less than 50p a year. But all that small change really does add up to enable the Charitable Foundation to make a big difference – as the charities that have benefited around the UK will know.

We’re really proud of the impact the Charitable Foundation has had on our community and we want that to continue. If you know a charity that could benefit from a donation please come into your nearest branch or agency and have a chat with a member of our team.

The Charitable Foundation supports UK registered charities which aim to improve peoples’ health, save lives and alleviate poverty with donations from £250 to £2,000.

In 2016, the Charitable Foundation paid 1,813 donations totalling £554,229 to good causes and charities throughout the UK.

For more information about our Small Change Big Difference® scheme and to see an interactive map of recent Charitable Foundation donations visit




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