Carbon footprint

Over recent years we have progressively been reducing our environmental impact by investing in technology, improving waste management and engaging colleagues in supporting our efforts in becoming become more sustainable.

In 2018, we achieved a reduction of 16% in our carbon footprint compared to 2017, taking us to an overall reduction of 38% since 2012.

As a financial services organisation, the main sources of our emissions are through energy, water, business travel and waste from our business.

Last year we did a lot to reduce our carbon footprint, in particular by making buildings we own and have more control of more energy-efficient, including:

  • Replacing our boiler, installing solar heat reflective film on 40 windows and upgrading LED lighting at our Bradford office.
  • Replacing the backup electricity generator at our Peterborough office.
  • Installing energy efficient LEDs in 15 branches.
  • Installing new energy efficient air conditioning units and heating systems in 27 branches, and upgrading the central heating technologies in the rest of our branches.
  • Switching to more water and energy efficient toilets and urinals in our Bradford office.

We are continuously exploring new ways to further reduce our environmental impact across our whole business. We also offset all our remaining carbon emissions in order to become carbon neutral, for more information please click here.

Our environmental data is verified through independent assurance and can be viewed by clicking here.

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