Women in Finance Charter

By signing the charter, we have made a commitment to improve gender diversity.

We are proud to announce that on 11th July we joined 271 banks, building societies and other institutions tied to the sector, who have agreed to adopt the principles from the Charter. This now covers over 760,000 financial services employees in the UK.

The Financial Services sector as a whole has had a long-standing problem with gender diversity at senior level. The Women in Finance Charter is a pledge for gender balance across financial services from HM Treasury. It is a commitment to work together, across our industry and Government, to build a more balanced and fair financial services industry.

To achieve this we have set a target of achieving a 50/50 female/male split across all colleagues at senior manager level and above, with a minimum of 40% of either gender. As of 11th July, the current split is 42% women and 58% men.

Our approach is about much more than meeting our targets and we’re not limiting our work to gender diversity. We’re doing a lot of work to build a more diverse business, such as providing unconscious bias training to all managers, ensuring that people who are making decisions about the future of our Society bring a wide range of experience and understanding to their roles. We believe that, by valuing diversity of background, thought and outlook, we can make better decisions across our business, which will ultimately benefit our members.

For more information about the Women in Finance Charter please click here.

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