Mortgage administration fees

The table below details any additional fees we may need to charge as part of administering your mortgage as well as fees which relate to arrears.

Effective as of 01/03/2019.

Property letting † £65.00
Copy mortgage statements £11.00
Breakdown of transaction £11.00
Certificate of interest / interest paid certificate £11.00
Subsequent redemption statements No charge
Unpaid direct debit £12.00
Bounced cheque No Charge
Provision of a lender's reference £27.00
Consent to second/subsequent charge £16.00
Removal of mortgage from Scottish Land Registry £160.00
Payment of unpaid ground rent/service charges £45.00
Release of part security/approval of other legal agreements £65.00
Mortgage Fee (formerly Redemption Administration Fee) Please refer to your offer document

† The mortgage interest rate on a borrower's mortgage will be increased by 1% where the borrower has agreed with the Society the terms of an authorised let. Where a borrower lets the property and the Society has not agreed to the letting, it will be treated as unauthorised, and the mortgage interest rate on the borrower's account will be increased by 1.15%.

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