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Income tax savings calculator

To kick-start your savings in 2019, why not use the Chancellor’s Personal Allowance Giveaway?

The Chancellor announced the latest increase in the Personal Allowance at his Budget. That means people can earn more money before starting to pay tax – why not use this money to start saving or boost your balance?

Find out how much you could put into your savings, which you would otherwise have paid in tax.

Your Salary

You Could Save


In 2019/2020

This Information Is Provided For Illustrative Purposes Only And Does Not Constitute Tax Or Financial Advice. Please Note, This Tool Does Not Include Calculations For Those Earning In Excess Of £100,000 A Year, Or Take Into Account Pension Contributions Or Individual Circumstances. IT IS BASED ONLY ON CHANGES TO INCOME TAX THRESHOLDS IN THE 2018 BUDGET, AND DOES NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WIDER MEASURES IN THAT BUDGET, INCLUDING NATIONAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS, WHICH MAY ALSO CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. If In Doubt Please Consult An Independent Financial Adviser Or Accountant. Any other income such as dividend income, savings income and employee benefits are not included as part of the illustration.

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